Purchase Ads & Placement

Not only is submitting your product free, but you also have numerous options to make it stand out from competing products.


The following options will soon be available:

  • Constant Top Placement
    • Your product will be at the top and stay at the top of the front page.
  • Republishing
    • Republish your product so that it appears at the top of the front page, category page, and related products page.
  • Featured Product Highlighting
    • A product is highlighted using a heavy shadow so it pops out and stands out from the rest of the content. This highlighting applies to products no matter where they are on the website (front page, category page, search results page, related products page, etc…).
  • Featured Product Side Ad
    • When users click to read comments or leave feedback they’re taken to each product’s page, on that page you can feature your product on the right sidebar.
  • In Stream Advertising
    • Place an ad for your website (such as animated gifs) in the same location where products are placed.

Contact Chris at dayonepp dot com to order any of the above features, but FIRST Submit your Product.